There is a huge gap in bridging languages and cultures in the refugee crisis. 
We are at a major shortage of Arabic, Farsi and French translators on the ground in Greece.
You can get involved through tech volunteering.


How our 'arabic translators' whatsapp group works

We currently have a WhatsApp group with over 70 Arabic translators based in Dubai. This increases our chances of having someone online at any given time who is available to translate whatever issue we have. A volunteer on the ground in Greece will send a voice note of a refugee speaking in Arabic, and someone from the group will translate it into English. The volunteer can also request the reply to be sent as a voice note in Arabic, or as Arabic text.

We also have groups available for French translation and Farsi/Kurdish/Pashto/Dari translation and Urdu translation. Please contact us if you'd like to join any group as a volunteer on the ground, or as a translator.

need a document translated?

We are happy to receive any document that you need translated from English to Arabic, or from Arabic to English.

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