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Overtime, our commitment towards connecting willing volunteers with projects in underprivileged communities has grown,
and we aspire to expand our scope and inspire more volunteers to positively influence and help others.

In December 2015, we organized a kitchen project in Lesvos, where we served an average of 500-1000 refugees per day for three months.
During the same period, we also managed a rescue team for new boat arrivals.
After that, we coordinated a camp of 3,000 refugees at the FYROM/Greece border when the borders closed in March 2016.
Shortly after, we took charge of coordinating bulk supplies for about 10,000 refugees across 9 camps in northern Greece for eleven months -
supplies included: food for the refugee kitchen, hygienic items, facilities at camps, shelters, construction materials, and clothing.
We have also worked on special events for Muslim refugees, such as celebrations and providing halal meat for Ramadan and Eid.
During our time in northern Greece, we were also the emergency contact for the Greek military and government.
In February 2017, we moved our base to Athens in order to help individual families. 

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Collecting Arabic books and distributing to libraries within camps and private projects. Share your favorite Arabic books with us.


Collecting modest female clothing to restore dignity and provide choice in clothing. 


When an in-person translator is not available, we have several WhatsApp groups in place to provide real-time translation services in numerous dialects. 

supplies coordination

We find the best bargains for food and bulk supplies in Greece, and buy great quality. Call us for an item you're looking to purchase, and we'll help coordinate.



Building structures to protect and support religious freedom.

sports and recreation

Organizing entertainment events, providing sports equipment and installing structures.

camp maintenance

Helping install kitchen facilities, replacing blankets and eradicating bedbugs.

bicycle repair

Visiting camps to repair and maintain bicycles for essential transportation and recreational use.

construction and fixes

Helping make roofs watertight, erecting new structures and fixing existing spaces.


Helping supplement daily meals with nutritious fruits and vegetables.



Purchasing dates and halal meat to cook for religious celebrations and special events.

warehouse organization

Sorting through item donations and packaging orders for distribution at camps.

Soul Food kitchen

Supplying ingredients and volunteering to cook hundreds of meals daily in the Soul Food Kitchen.

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Helping supply books, classroom furniture and teachers to build an inclusive learning space.

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Renting houses to help resettle vulnerable families into respectable living conditions.



Providing monthly groceries to families benefitting from our housing project.