Deena Stevens

Co-FOUNDER | creative director

Deena is a Chinese-Malaysian/American who moved to Greece to volunteer on a kitchen team in Lesvos, and later became the project coordinator. When projects shifted to northern Greece, her focus became design, film, translation, and cultural sensitivity training about Middle Eastern culture. Her role developed into a tech coordinator for northern Greece, where she helped communication between the different organizations to fulfill refugee needs. She also spearheads fundraisers and talks to help spread awareness and attract volunteers.

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Patrick McBride


Batrick began his work in the refugee crisis as a kitchen team member, and his tasks evolved into construction work and rescue. He dedicates the majority of his year to volunteering across the world and building dreams in the Philippines and Nepal, and responding to natural disasters.
He's a tree runner in Canada when he's not busy being a humanitarian. 

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Petros Tsetris

Co-FOUNDER | President

Petros is an Athenian who works as a sailing captain across the Greek islands. He began volunteering as a rescue-worker with a lifeguard team in Lesvos. He lead beach clean-ups, and joined the kitchen team to manage the supplies. When borders closed and aid was needed in northern Greece, he noticed that no one was guiding the other volunteers or the different projects, leaving the needs of refugees unmet. He became the main coordinator of supplies  and helped connect organizations with project needs to efficiently distribute aid.